Tiles & Flooring

Tiles & Flooring

The most significant component of your home’s remodeling or decoration task is choosing the right set of tiles for every room that complements the decor and provides ease in going around. Tiles and flooring are the center of attraction for every guest coming to your house. No matter how much beautifully you must have adorned your dwellings, if the tiles and flooring mismatch with the overall theme and decor, then that can totally mess up all your efforts. Similarly, if the flooring lacks the convenience factor then it loses all its charm. Therefore, it is essential to choose the perfectly-suited flooring and tiles for every room.

We know that selecting the right tiles and flooring for the rooms is a tedious and daunting task.  So, we are here to provide full assistance in choosing the most apposite flooring to harmonize with every room. Don’t think much! Your beautifully decorated house is just a touch away. You can contact us on (631) 849-66 55 or mail us on info@habitatdesignkb.com.

  • 1. Consultation

    You can give us a call to get consultation regarding your home design. We’ll even visit your place to personally analyze the space and understand your needs.

  • 2. Development

    Our creative team will then exploit their imagination to work out the best designs for your place. We’ll then put forward our suggestions and have a discussion with you so as to finalize the best sets of tiles that will adorn your home.

  • 3. Delivery

    Once the tiles have been finalized, we’ll make sure to deliver and install them in your home in the least possible time.

Choose from a wide range of sophisticated and uber-convenient flooring

You can find myriads of tiles and flooring in Habitat Design which will add to the beauty of your decor. We sell a huge range of striking yet convenient kitchen, bathroom and wall tiles, and flooring that suffices your decoration needs. We sell an array of porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles available in different sizes to match every taste and budget. These tiles will give a new and elegant look to your decor and will be appreciated by everyone.

Kitchen Tiles & Flooring

The kitchen is the heart of the abode and the place where exclusive and delicious dishes are cooked. We have an extensive range of kitchen tiles & flooring that can give the look that you yearn your kitchen to have whether it be modern, traditional or country kitchen. These tiles are stain-resistant and easy-to-clean, so you can experiment with a host of new dishes. They are uber-durable and will look the same for several years until you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen again.

Bathroom Tiles & Flooring

Bathroom tiles can do wonders for your bathroom. Large format tiles have the power to make your small washroom look more spacious and create a soothing ambiance. We have a stunning range of bathroom tiles that mold with the shape of the walls and floors and add a tinge of sophistication. Our bathroom tiles are durable and slip-resistant to ensure complete safety while bathing.

Why choose us?

We have years of experience in providing top-notch quality tiles & flooring to our customers. Our team comprises of experienced interior designers who will guide you at every point in choosing a suitable tile or flooring.  The designers will design a blueprint of your room and accordingly, suggest the tiles that are best suited to your interior’s decor, so you can choose from them according to your convenience.

Get answers and advice

Our goal is to answer all your questions in a timely manner.