Dream Bathroom

Dream Bathroom

A bathroom is an essential component of our abode. It is a room where we start our day and is the place where we tend to relax and forget our tensions, at least for the time we are inside. A legion of people believes that bathrooms reflect one’s personality and cleanliness. That is why most of your guests might be interested in seeing your bathroom. Thus, the bathrooms should be appropriately designed to be functional, soothing and stylish.

The decision of bathroom designing is a vital part of the dwelling’s interior designing. It is, in fact, one of the most thought-provoking decisions that need to be taken by the homeowners. It involves sound space planning along with choosing the best and sophisticated mix of sanitary fittings, tiles, curtains, textures, and lightning. However, you can seek our expertise and get assistance in designing your dream bathrooms.

Fast service

We offer fast turnaround time. Our experts can design your dream bathroom in the least amount of time so that it doesn’t disturb your lifestyle.

Secure payments

We have a secure payment system where the customers can make hassle-free online payments via secure payment gateways.

Affordable services

We have good links with local suppliers so we provide top-notch quality services at best prices. So, you can easily get your dream bathroom created within your budget.


We believe in offering high-quality services. We install branded products and make use of superior quality materials. Stringent quality checks are followed whereby all are processes are cross-checked three to four times to ensure the utmost quality.

Free estimates and design

We even offer free services whereby few of our experts visit your bathroom, take its dimension, carry feasibility study and prepare a 3D drawing that too free of cost. They, then provide a rough estimate based on the design.

Customized services

We plan the color scheme, design and install components that best match with your abode and suffices your need. We provide well-tailored solutions to suit every budget.

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Investment return


Complete assistance from start till the end

Over the years, we have created dream bathrooms for our patrons that give them a right mix of comfort, sleekness and soothing ambiance. If you wish to add a new life to your bathroom, then you can seek our expertise. Our team of adept designers will assist you right from the start till the end. We understand your needs first and then come up with our ideas and suggestions.

Our expert designers develop a blueprint of the bathroom design so that you can visually analyze the right setting for your bathrooms.  Our experts properly analyze the available space, location of the bathroom and lightning effects to meticulously design the bathroom. We believe in designing a bathroom that suffices your daily needs and is stylish. We help you in choosing the layout of the bathroom, its texture, and the quality as well as the quantity of materials that best suit your bathrooms and fits within your means.

Your dream bathroom is just a call away! Contact us on (631) 849-66 55 or drop your queries at info@habitatdesignkb.com. You can even fill our form and one of our executives will call you at your proposed time.

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