The kitchen is the heart of the abode and countertops are the heart of the kitchen. It is the workspace of the kitchen where most of our food preparation right from cutting and chopping the vegetables to the cooking of dishes takes place. Countertops even add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. Many times, a perfectly designed kitchen may lose the attractive quotient or charm if the color or type of countertop mismatches with other components of the kitchen. Thus, for a sophisticated and completely functional kitchen, it is equally essential to choose the right countertops. They not only enhance your abode’s aesthetics but they also add to the comfort of the dwellers. Bewildered in choosing the perfect fit for your kitchen? Well, bank on us and leave all the hassles to our expert interior designers.


We handle all our projects with sheer professionalism. This ensures top-notch quality services as well as adherence to timelines. We’ll even address all the queries and solve problems in a professional way.

Secure Payments

Making payments with us is a hassle-free and safe process. The customers can make online payment either via credit/debit card or internet banking. All the transactions are carried out through secure gateways


Our ethos is to be honest with our customers and handle their work as if its our own. We work with our customers as a team and fully comprehend their needs. So, the customers can easily bestow their trust on us.


We employ out of the box ideas and inventive thoughts in decorating the home so that it spots a sophisticated and unique look.

Affordable Prices

We have good relationships with wholesale dealers, fitters, and workers. So, we offer best in class services at affordable prices.

We help in finding suitable countertops

The task of choosing the right countertop for your kitchen is quite daunting. However, we’ll help you out in choosing the best countertop in terms of color, texture, material, and durability. We have an array of countertops made of granite, quartz, wood, laminate, marble, solid surface and many more. They are available in a plethora of colors and designs and are sourced from big brands which prove their authenticity and durability. You can glance at all the available options and choose the one that matches with your dream kitchen.

Our experts will understand your requirements and glance at the interiors of your kitchen so as to suggest a durable material that suffices your needs, suits with the existing décor and fits within your means. We install the countertops as per your convenience and available space.

Call us right away on (631) 849-66 55 and get top-notch quality and sophisticated countertops installed to titivate your kitchen! You can also write to us at or drop a message and our executives will call you.

Why choose us

Secure payments

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Affordable prices

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1. When can we get started?

We can get started immediately. Just give us a call, specify your requirements and one of our executives will understand your needs and explain to you the entire process. We’ll even pay a visit to your place to discuss the scope of the project, carry out a feasibility study and give you an intended timeline and cost.  Finally, on your approval, we’ll immediately start the work and get it done in the least duration so that you can get back to your normal life.

2. How much does it cost?

The cost of the services depends on various factors such as the size of the room, types of installations and components chosen- cabinetries, flooring, walls paints, wallpapers, backsplashes, tiles, appliances, countertops, electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures,  etc. You can use our budget calculator to get an approximate value.

3. What other help is available?

Before getting started on the house renovation, we offer free of cost services where we’ll visit your place and offer an estimated cost of the project after assessing your place. Our experts analyze your bathroom, take its dimension, and prepare 3D drawings showing the transformations that they plan to incorporate in it. You can visually perceive your dream bathroom and decide whether you’d like to seal the deal or abandon it.

Apart from this, we’ll be guiding you regarding the materials, installations, and components suitable for your place throughout the project lifecycle.  

4. What payment method do you accept?

We accept online payment through Debit Card, Credit Card or internet banking. All the transactions are processed through secure gateways.

Get answers and advice

Our goal is to answer all your questions in a timely manner.