Miller Place

Miller Place

Living in Miller Place? Planning to revamp your kitchen and bathroom? Looking for a credible remodeler? You don’t need to look further as Habitat Design is in your city. We are a leading and well-accepted remodeling company in Miller Place. We offer remodeling services which can help to titivate your adobe. Our services include bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling that convert them into delightful and appealing rooms. We have industry experts in our team who can give a perfect look to your abode.

Miller Place Kitchen Remodelling

Habitat Design is a distinguished and well-acknowledged kitchen remodeling company of Miller Place. We are known to redecorate the kitchen with high class, durable and elegant-looking kitchen components. From classic, contemporary, country-style, or traditional, you can choose any look for your kitchen and our experts will make sure to give that perfect look to your kitchen in no time

Our remodeling services include replacement or renovation of tiles, flooring, countertops, backsplashes, cabinets, wallpapers, lighting, and installation of chimneys and other high-tech appliances. We remodel your kitchen not just to boost its elegance, but we renovate the kitchen to improve its functionality so that the residents can easily spend their time in it.

Miller Place Bathroom Remodelling

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom to transform it into a sophisticated and uber-utilitarian bathroom? Then, you are at the right place.

We offer best bathroom remodeling services at Miller Place at a budget-friendly price. Our work starts right from planning and goes till impeccable implementation of those excellent plans. Whether you want a replacement for tiles, toiletries, cabinets, showers or taps, we offer all types of remodeling services. We even adorn your bathroom with stylish components like a bathtub, commode, sink, shower, etc so as to yield a luxurious bath experience.