3 ways to creatively cut down the cost of kitchen remodeling

Do you think it’s time for your kitchen renovation? Are you worried about the budget? Don’t be as Habitat Design is here for your help. We are known for our affordable kitchen and bath remodeling services, so we can assist you in cutting down the cost of kitchen remodeling. Here are few tips:

1. Repair the cabinets instead of replacing

Yes, if your cabinet is in a good condition or it just requires little repair work, then it is better to get it repaired or renovated and save money rather than buying a new one.

2. Choose less expensive materials for countertops

Instead of costly granite countertops, you can consider its alternatives like laminates, green surfaces or solid surfaces. Though they’ll cost less, they’ll look equally elegant in your kitchen.

3. Consider budget-friendly flooring substitutes

If you wish to revamp the flooring of the kitchen, the go for inexpensive alternatives like vinyl instead of tiles, and laminates as a substitute for hardwood. These materials would give the same classy look.

In this way, you can totally change the theme and kitchen designs that too within your budget. Our adept designers at Habitat Design employ their creative ideas further to keep the kitchen renovation cost within your budget. So, contact us immediately and get started with your kitchen remodeling.

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How to transform your basic bathroom into your dream bathroom?

Is the design of your bathroom elementary? Do you wish to enhance its visual appeal and transform it into your dream bathroom? If so, then you should hire one of the leading bathroom remodelers like Habitat Design. Here are few ways we’ll revamp your bathroom at affordable cost:

1. Modify the color scheme of your bathroom

Changing the color scheme of the bathroom changes the overall feel of the space. Being pioneer remodeling contractors, we choose such colors that add the essence of lavishness and comfort to the place. Colors like blue, gray, and green can add spark to the wet room.

2. Update the faucets, sinks or hardware components

The look of the bathrooms can be modified by changing the faucets and other hardware components. We can change the look from rustic to sleek by just upgrading the faucets. Similarly, we can even upgrade the hardware like the cabinets or vanities to spice up the look.

3. Dazzle the space with tiles

If adorning the entire bathroom with tiles exceeds your budget, then we can go for a mix of tiles and paints. We use tiles in spaces like the sink and the shower wall to add a tinge of sophistication to the wet room.

So, these were 3 smart ways by which we can create your dream bathroom within your budget. If you are looking for affordable bathroom remodeling services then connect with us.

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5 miraculous color combinations to spice up kitchen’s interiors

The task of picking the right color combination for your kitchen remodeling can be both perplexing and overwhelming. So, here we are for your rescue. We have enlisted our designers’ picks for stellar kitchen color combinations.

1. Black and White
One of the most balanced, timeless and popular color combinations is black and white. You can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen by using black and white wallpapers, tiles & flooring, cabinets and backsplashes.

2. Red and Yellow
Red and yellow form an imperial combination that is sure to transform your kitchen into a sophisticated space. It gels with the modern design and evokes a feel of a stately manor or villa.

3. Orange and Blue
One of the most lively duo, orange and blue will surely add energy and verve to your kitchen. The two colors together complement amazingly with the white woodwork.

4. Gray and Purple
Purple is a bold color and when paired with the neutral gray, the combination is simply breathtaking. Royal purple accents and charcoal gray base gives a regal feel to the kitchen.

5. Black and Red
The color red is known for its versatility of pairing with neutral hues. You can go for orange-red if you wish to give a modern look while those looking for a traditional style can choose wine red color and pair it up with black.

So, these were the enticing color combinations for a dream kitchen. You can get your kitchen renovated with Habitat Design. Give us a call right away to get started with your kitchen remodeling.

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