Our Process


We follow an intuitive approach to designing your abode. Our adept professionals make sure that the project is carried out seamlessly. Our experts guide you from start till the end to choose the best products and well-suited designs.

In order to get your abode designed perfectly, make sure that you efficaciously follow these steps:

Step 1: Research

You are the homeowner and ultimately you’ll be living in the place so it should be designed according to your likes. So, you should have a basic design in your mind- tiles, flooring, color schemes, design, components etc. You can browse the internet to get some ideas or even read articles and blogs to accustom with ongoing trends in home decoration and designing.

Try to visualize the space and decide the components that you’d be requiring. This will help you to get a realistic budget. You can then make use of budget calculators to get an approximate value of the task.  Once you have an idea, you can then look for the contractors.

Step 2: Connect

The moment you’ll connect with us, our customer care executives will put up several questions so as to understand your requirements. They’ll try to comprehend your pre-requisites so that any sort of glitches can be avoided during the lifecycle of the project. We’ll even inquire your location to find out if we are serviceable in your area or not.

Our executives would ask the intended timelines so as to understand when and why you need the task to be completed. This will help us to give a tentative deadline to ensure that we are able to finish the task as and when expected. We even ask the age of the building, your expectations and other details to serve you with the best solutions.

Since we emphasize on customer satisfaction, so we’d like to know your budget before getting started. Then, our experts will try their best to offer best solutions that lie within your intended budget. We’ll help you to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Step 3: Meeting

The next step after telephonic conversation would be a face-to-face meeting. We’ll visit your home to discuss the scope of the project and to understand your requirements better. We’ll carry out a feasibility study, take pictures of the house, measure the dimensions of the room, inspect the existing space and offer you with a preliminary estimate.

We’ll offer a fee-based agreement to get started where we’ll charge a fee that is a small percentage of the estimate. After the agreement, we’ll set up discovery meeting where our experts will present sketches of the bathroom and kitchen. If we find that the project is appropriate for both of us, then we’ll take final pictures and record all the details of the space. In some instances, we may also find out that we are not perfect for the project so we’ll inform you accordingly.

We’ll even explain to you how your design and component choices affected the final price and offer complete transparency into the project.

Step 4: Design

This is technically the first step that marks the beginning of the real task. In this step, our expert designers create rough sketches with different design solutions. Once you choose the designs, we’ll guide you in choosing the best materials and provide an estimate based on your choices. Our 3D AutoCAD drawings will help you to visually analyze your dream bathroom and dream kitchen.  We’ll modify the final design till you are fully satisfied with every single component.

After that, we’ll start selecting the final finishes including tiles, flooring, plumbing fixtures, color schemes and designs. After working out all the details, we’ll come up with an exact project estimate and get the drawing evaluated by the engineer for its compliance with the design codes.

Step 5: Management

We’ll hire a dedicated Project Manager for your task to ensure top-notch quality services. The Project Manager will conduct quality checks and ensure that the project is executed seamlessly. The Project Manager will also ensure that the project is completed by the intended timeline and within the budget.

The most serious and daunting part of the designing task is paperwork, permits, and inspections. However, you can track the processes with our mobile app.

Step 6: Permit

We’ll prepare permit applications and submit it to the department for the approval. The information pertaining to the project is uploaded to our website so that the customers can track the progress of the project.

We’ll conduct a pre-construction meeting before starting the task and discuss all the project details in the meetings. Once the permits are cleared, we’ll send our trained experts to initiate the task.

Step 7: Leverage our services

We are a reputed company and totally stand for our top-notch quality services. We offer 5 years warranty for our services which sets us apart from our competitors. We make sure to be compliant with Residential Construction Performance Guidelines in every single project. Thus, it gives you peace of mind as homeowners that your task is in the right hands.

Our expert and knowledgeable customer care team pays heed to all your problems and offer solutions quickly. We even have a simplified payment process to offer a hassle-free experience to all the customers.

So, choose us if you feel that our process is the ideal match for your home designing needs.



Fast service

We offer you the fast services, so that you can get back with your normal schedule and live comfortably in your newly-designed home in the least amount of time.

Expert team

Our team members have the knack for converting an ordinary space into a sophisticated one. Our expert designers and installers work closely to design your home with the utmost professionalism.

Affordable prices

Our relationships with wholesale dealers and our deep industry knowledge have facilitated us to come up with the best prices for each service and product.

Award winning

Supplying top-notch quality products to the customers is our sole endeavor. For this, we use the best in class products that are from the award-winning brands.

Modern technology

We exploit the state-of-the-art products and cutting-edge technologies while designing your home. This ensures that your home is in sync with the ongoing market trend.

Always open

You don’t need to wait to discuss anything with us. Our customer support team is available 24*7 to address your queries and solve your problems.