4 top trends in kitchen countertops

A countertop is the chief component of the kitchen where all the kitchen chores are performed. However, it even acts as the cornerstone of the kitchen remodeling as it sets the overall theme of the kitchen.  Here are the hottest kitchen countertop trends that you can follow in your kitchen renovation:

1. Quartz is the king

Undoubtedly, quartz is the king of the kitchen countertops as it is durable, strong and attractive. The quartz countertops are the high-end substitute of granite countertops. The fact that quartz is non-porous makes it a better alternative to granite. It comes in different patterns, designs and colors.  

2. Leather finishing

Giving a leathered finish to the countertops is all the rage. The advantage of the finishing is that it retains the natural color of the stone and gives it a more elegant look.

3. Neutral shades

The homeowners are giving preference to the neutral shades over the bold hues. The kitchens of 2018 are adorned with countertops of white, grey or beige tones.

4. Patterned countertops

Nowadays, veins or some appealing pattern is being added to the countertops to add more character to it. This has enhanced the significance of the kitchen as a reflection of one’s personality.

These were the hottest kitchen countertops trends of 2018. If you yearn to get any of these integrated into your dream kitchen, then give us a call right away.


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